BMW Volkswagen Maintenance Intervals

Here at the New Aristocrat Motors Topeka we pride ourselves on offering the finest luxury imports in the Topeka area. However, even the best German-engineered automobiles require a certain level of care to function at top levels. Knowing the BMW and Volkswagen maintenance intervals for your new and pre-owned models can give you an idea of the best times to bring your vehicle in to our high-quality service department. Our BMW and Volkswagen cars and SUVs don’t usually require the same frequency of maintenance as other brands, but they still benefit from the occasional check-up.

Once you know the maintenance interval for your vehicle, you can confidently know when to bring it in. Here at the New Aristocrat Motors Topeka, our highly trained service technicians know exactly how to keep your vehicle purring down the road and turning heads. We have years of experience with our models, and can get your vehicle in, taken care of, and back on the road quickly and with minimal hassle. However, we can’t help keep your vehicle in ideal condition unless you bring it in. That is why knowing your BMW or Volkswagen maintenance intervals is so valuable, and why we have this page.



BMW Maintenance Intervals

Our new BMW vehicles operate with top efficiency. Owners should bring them in for routine maintenance (like oil changes) once every ten thousand miles, or approximately once per year. This BMW maintenance interval may vary depending on conditions (both extreme cold and extreme heat can affect a vehicle’s performance). If your BMW is having trouble or displaying any other warning signs, please bring it in sooner. However, in the regular course of use, once per year will be enough to keep it purring.


Volkswagen Maintenance Intervals

The recommended maintenance interval for a Volkswagen vehicle is once per year, or about every ten thousand miles. After that, on some models, the vehicle will actually notify you when a maintenance check is due. However, the VW recommended maintenance plan considers every ten thousand miles to be the best time to check in and get the oil changed. To keep your Volkswagen in top form it is a good idea to have it checked over for wear and tear in a general service inspection every two years.


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Once you know your BMW or Volkswagen maintenance interval, you can be sure to bring your vehicle in when it needs maintenance. You can schedule maintenance here at the New Aristocrat Motors Topeka by clicking on the button below. If you have questions, you can find our contact information on our Contact Us page.

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