The New Aristocrat Motors Topeka

The New Aristocrat Motors Topeka offers facilities that provide enhanced comfort and convenience to Topeka, Manhattan, Lawrence, and western Lenexa BMW, VW, and Pre-Owned vehicle shoppers. Featuring improvements to the service facilities, customer lounges, showrooms and much more, the modern facilities at the New Aristocrat Motors Topeka represent a new star in the Topeka automotive landscape. Vehicle shoppers can now enjoy an enhanced experience at the premier luxury import dealer serving the Topeka, Lawrence, and Manhattan KS area. Our dealership is still conveniently located at 3030 South Topeka Avenue, in Topeka KS.

What can customers expect when they walk into the new facilities at the New Aristocrat Motors Topeka? Just looking at some of the images on this page can give you an impression of the quality and elegance in our dealership’s enhanced space. From the state-of-the-art new showroom (covering 5,700 square feet, which makes it currently the largest new car showroom in Kansas) to amenities like digital information kiosks, visitors to the New Aristocrat Motors Topeka can enjoy an elite experience to match our premium BMW and Volkswagen vehicles. Be sure to stop by to explore our new facilities and elite inventory.



Explore the New Aristocrat Motors Topeka

We are extremely proud of our new facility and the advantages that it will offer our customers. This new space should allow us to continue offering an elite customer service experience from the researching phase all the way through buying and maintenance. With our groundbreaking happing on May 9, 2016, and twelve months of construction under our belt, we are delighted with both the beauty and utility of the new facilities at the New Aristocrat Motors Topeka. Here are a few numbers worth bragging about:

  • State-of-the-art Showroom – At 5,700 square feet, it is currently the largest in the state
  • New Vehicles on Display –The new showroom holds 11 vehicles, representing eight BMW and three Volkswagen
  • New Customer Lounges – Two new well-appointed spaces with premium amenities
  • Vehicle Delivery Saloons – Two, designed for customer comfort and convenience
  • Service Enhancements – Two enclosed vehicle drop-off lanes and ten service bays for speedy maintenance and repairs

The architect for this project was Slaggie Architects, Inc. of Kansas City, MO and the contractor was Shirley Contractors of Topeka KS These new changes represent an investment of five million dollars in our dealership and an increase in size from 14,000 square feet to more than 21,000 square feet.

The best way to learn more about the new facilities at the New Aristocrat Motors Topeka is to contact us or visit and see for yourself. Stop in today, take a tour, and enjoy our new showroom and premium inventory of vehicles.

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