How to Get Ice Off Your Car

How to Get Ice Off Your Windshield

As autumn bids farewell to Topeka, winter is knocking on the door, and it comes with the hassle of icy car windows. If you’re facing your first winter as a new car owner, you might be curious about effective ways to de-icing your car windows and create your own homemade ice melt with Aristocrat Motors Topeka. Let’s dive into how to get ice off a car window and make your daily commute from Topeka easier in the winter!

How To Get Ice Off A Car Window: Step-by-Step Guide

During winters in Kansas City, encountering ice on the window of your car is a common occurrence. If you wake up in the morning to discover your car enveloped in ice, here are the necessary steps to take before embarking on your Manhattan commute and the best ways to remove ice off the window of your car:

  1. Defrost Your Car: Commence your winter mornings by starting up your vehicle and cranking up the heat. The time required to defrost your car varies based on its age and model.
  2. Scrape Off the Ice: Equip yourself with a plastic ice scraper readily available in auto supply stores. Gently remove the now weakened ice from your car windows, ensuring that it does not scratch the glass.
  3. Preventive Measures: Safeguard your car from future ice accumulation by adopting preventative measures. When you conclude your daily use of the vehicle, elevate your windshield wipers to prevent them from freezing. Alternatively, cover your windshield with a tarp or cloth when no snowfall is expected.

DIY: Homemade Ice Melt for Car Windows

Despite the temptation to use scalding water, refrain from this method to avoid potential glass cracks. Instead, try this homemade ice melt for car windows:

  1. Take a Spray Bottle: Begin with a clean spray bottle.
  2. Mix the Solution: Combine two parts rubbing alcohol, one part water, and a few drops of dish soap in the bottle.
  3. Shake Well: Ensure a thorough mix by shaking the contents well before use.
  4. Apply and Wait: Spray the homemade ice melt solution on your car windows and allow it to sit for approximately 5 minutes. Witness the ice melt away without causing harm to your vehicle.

Getting Winter Ready with Aristocrat Motors Topeka

Now that you’ve learned about de-icing car windows and making your own DIY ice melt let’s prepare your vehicle for the upcoming winter in Topeka. Explore more winter service tips from Aristocrat Motors Topeka to enhance your winter car care. If you have any questions about winter car maintenance, reach out to our service department for expert assistance. Get your car winterized and cruise through the chilly season with confidence.

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