How to lower your carbon footprint for Earth Day 2022 in Topeka, KS

April 12th, 2022 by

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Ways to reduce your impact on the planet for Earth Day 2022

How can you lower your carbon footprint for Earth Day 2022 in Topeka, KS? Keep reading below for some of our ideas on how you can reduce your impact and help save the planet. You can find hybrid and electric used vehicles here at Aristocrat Motors Topeka in Topeka, KS.

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Shop locally for produce and other items instead of ordering online

One major source of your carbon footprint is likely the transportation that it takes your food to get here. Think of everything you eat, and how some of it has to travel from states away to reach your table. That’s why you can easily cut down on your carbon footprint by shopping at farmer’s markets for produce and cutting back or ceasing your online shopping habits. Two farmer’s markets in Topeka to check out are the Downtown Topeka Farmer’s Market and Breadbasket Farmer’s Market.

Use recycled and reused items instead of creating demand for new items

If you love to shop, the best way to cut down on your carbon footprint is to shop for reused and recycled items, preferably ones that are already in our community. Not only do you cut back on the carbon emissions created in transporting those goods to Topeka, but by buying reused items, you cut back on manufacturing emissions as well. Check out Topeka Habitat for Humanity Restore to find furniture you can repurpose.

Drive hybrid or electric vehicles instead of gasoline vehicles

For those of you who drive a lot, your biggest carbon footprint could be coming from your car, as much as that pains us. However, most automakers are transitioning to electric and hybrid vehicles, which have fewer emissions than gasoline-powered vehicles. Check out our used hybrid and electric vehicle inventory to kill two birds with one stone: switch to an alternative fuel source and reuse a vehicle from our community.

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