Car gifts and accessories for moms on Mother’s Day 2022

April 20th, 2022 by

Portrait of Happy Mother and Daughter In Park

What car accessories can I buy for my mom this Mother’s Day?

If you have a Volkswagen or BMW, we can help you find great car accessories. Even if you don’t have one of these car brands, a lot of the car accessories we mention below are universal, meaning you can use them in a different car. Furthermore, you can find equivalent items from other car brands. Whatever the case, we hope you find the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day. We’d certainly love to see you bring your mom’s car in for an oil change here in Topeka, KS.

Volkswagen vehicle accessories that make great gifts

Here we have a few ideas for Volkswagen accessories you can give to a mother you know. These are items that Volkswagen makes for its models, but we’re sure that you can find one for your car. You can check out Volkswagen accessories at

  • A baby mirror: Do you know a new mother? If you know a mom with a rear-facing car seat, the baby mirror from Volkswagen would make a great gift. It lets moms see how their kids are doing from the front seat.
  • Universal tablet holder: For moms with older children, this gift will be a blessing. The universal tablet holder straps onto the back of the front seat, allowing kids in the rear seat to watch videos and stay entertained on a long drive.
  • Custom sunshields: If your mom complains about the summer heat, get her a custom sunshade for her vehicle. These block UV rays and keep the interior of the car cooler.

BMW vehicle accessories to give as a gift this Mother’s Day

BMW really has it all when it comes to car accessories. They make it easy to shop for a gift, for any driver. Here are some of our ideas for BMW accessories to buy this Mother’s Day. You can find accessories at

  • BMW Natural Air holders and refill sticks: BMW offers various car scent items, such as their Natural Air Starter Kit and Natural Air Refill Sticks. They also have BMW Ambient Air accessories. Any of these can make a great gift.
  • BMW folding table: This one is also an option for moms with small kids. It provides a fold-out table behind the front seats, which makes a great place for kids to eat on longer journeys.
  • BMW backrest bag: Yet another accessory that hangs off the rear of the front seats. This one provides extra storage for items that every mom needs, like snacks or wet wipes.

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